Kargil, vegetarian’s hell!

For travelers traveling on the Srinagar – Leh highway, Kargil is the preferred night stop. However if you are a vegetarian like me, chances are, you will end up hating Kargil!

This is because at dinner time, it is almost impossible to find vegetarian food in Kargil! Yes you heard it right; almost every restaurant in Kargil serves non-vegetarian food at night.

A sad realty that came to light during my first trip to Ladakh. Thankfully I was warned in advance by Salil and Sunil, who had taken the Srinagar route to Ladakh and had to eat watery cauliflower and boiled rice for dinner!

Thankfully now there are a couple of options these days for vegetarian travelers planning to spend the night in Kargil.

The first place you can expect to find vegetarian food at night in Kargil is a small restaurant run by Sardarji, which is located opposite Taxi Stand in main market (little to the left).

The second place where you can expect to find vegetarian food is at the Caravan Hotel in Kargil, which is I am told, also a decent place to spend the night at.

So if you are planning to spend the night in Kargil, make sure you either locate the above two places or fill your tummy at Drass (if coming from the Srinagar side) or at Mulbek (if coming from Leh).


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