Old Delhi, still charming as ever

On Sunday my sis and I decided to head to Chandni Chowk to not only taste delicious street for it is famous for, but also to indulge in a bit of photography (me anyways).

With the Delhi Metro running a clean and fast service, it only seemed appropriate that we used it, instead of burning petrol. While the Delhi Metro hasn’t yet covered all the routes in Delhi and the nearest station is still couple of kms from my house, it does make sense to ride/drive to the station and park your vehicle there and let the train take you to your destination.

Once we arrived in Chandni Chowk, we decided to have our lunch (breakfast cum lunch for me) before heading out to Red Fort for some serious photography session. After munching on the Kachodis, Dahi Ballahs, Rabri and stupendous Paranthas at Parantha Wali Gali, it was time take the camera out of the bag, first photograph was to be that of the chef who made those delicious mouth watering and heart clocking Paranthas (fried in ghee)!

Even though the skies were overcast, I was relatively sure that I would be able to get some great shots out of my new camera and I wasn’t disappointed.

How the next few hours went by is something that I only came to know, when I looked at my tired and somewhat angry sister, who had been walking for the better part of the day and getting bored while I clicked with the same enthusiasm as a kid opening his birthday presents :D.

With the day turning into night, it was time for us to head back, but not before we had ice cream and the famous jalabis, which felt like a well deserved treat for all the walking we had done. Having spent close to 6 hours in Chandni Chowk and Red Fort (majority of the time walking), it was certainly a memorable and exhausting day.

I have compiled a few more photographs and history of Lal Qila in this small travel essay on Red Fort, you can click here to read it.


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