Do they know what they are teaching?

For past few days, I have been going through various photography tutorial sites, in an attempt to learn how to improve my photography skills, which I have to admit, have a long way to go.

In the attempt quench my thirst for knowledge, I have come across dozens of different photography sites and blogs, and I am amazed by the sheer number of websites offering advice on photography, yet using crappy photographs in their tutorials!

This is a major turnoff for me; I mean if the person writing the tutorial couldn’t shoot a good image or couldn’t pick the right image for the tutorial, how would he/she give me the right advice?

Its not like all of these are run by amateurs or are small sites, few of them are quite famous and big and are supposed to be run by the “pros”, yet they miss out on the very thing that would inspire and captivate the audience and choose to substitute it with the very same words being dished out at every other photography blog!

I guess I have to pay more attention to whom am I learning from, rather than what am I learning.

Here are couple of websites I felt offered good advice and have prompted me to visit them again and again:

Ken Rockwell: He might sometime come out as someone who seems more interested in making sarcastic jokes about people who pay more attention to equipment than photography, but at the core he is an amazing photographer and even better story teller, I just wish he would come out with a few more tutorials.

Digital Photography School: Even though majority of the photographs featured on this blog are from other people’s account on Flickr, advice being offered is usually good and selection of photographs is quite good as well. Biggest plus is the fact that more tutorials are added on a regular basis.


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