Initial steps towards becoming a Professional Photographer

Today I have decided to take that first initial step towards becoming a professional photographer. This move has come out of personal choice (since I like photography) as well as out of necessity.

Because I am an Internet Entrepreneur and run several web properties which constantly require fresh quality images for articles.

While until now I have been the main source of photographs for them, I have observed that when ever I needed a quality photograph, I would have to turn to others. Which in a dog eat dog world, isn’t all that pretty or easy.

So from now onwards, I would try and do at least one photo shoot a week, and try to produce at least one professional quality image from it. This would not only help me produce images that my websites currently require, it would also help me create a photo bank, which I can use in future. Not to mention, shooting often and trying to improve my skills each time, would help me become a much better photographer.

While it sounds simple enough, the catch is, I can not afford to travel to scenic places like Khajjiar every week. So I would have to improvise and try and see interesting and article worthy images in my neighborhood and city, and try and capture them through my lens.

This should help with not only improving my landscape and architectural photography skills, but also people, macro, vehicle and abstract photography, areas where I am seriously lacking.

I would also try and document each of these photo shoots to ensure that not only I can go back and see my progress, but you can also get some tips/ideas out of it to improve your photography skills.

Of course the ultimate goal would be to have a photograph of captured by me, be on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. A feat I am sure will take a lot of effort and patience to accomplish, but will get accomplished one day for sure.

So let’s start the journey to become a professional photographer…

Ps. all the photography related posts will be filed under the photography category.


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