Mike Fowler’s lecture on mountaineering in China and Tibet

Today I attended Mike Fowler’s lecture on his mountaineering expeditions to China and Tibet.

The event was organized by the Himalayan Club and was held in the Gulmohar Hall at India Habitat Center in New Delhi.

While initially I didn’t know what to expect and was not sure if I should attend the lecture, I finally decided to bite the bullet and went there in the evening. And I wasn’t disappointed, when Mike started talking about his adventures and started sharing photographs of Siguniang and Grosvenor mountains in Sichuan Province and Kajaqiao and Manamcho peaks in Tibet.

I completely taken aback by the photographs I saw, which were backed up by Mike’s impressive narration. The views captured in those photographs were something that I haven’t personally seen till now and are something which is reserved for the trekkers and mountaineers.

The photographs have reignited my desire to start trekking and I hope this time I’ll be able to fulfill that wish not be once again lured by the motorcycle touring bug and once again pickup my motorcycle for the next adventure.

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to the India Habitat Center, where Matt Brandon and David duChemin (noted photographers) will be speaking on treks and travel in Kashmir and will also be sharing photography tips.

If you are in Delhi and are interested in photography or seeing some marvelous photographs, then do turn up at the Gulmohar Hall at India Habitat Center at 7pm, entry is free for all and there is no registration.


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