Pushkar Camel Fair 2008

I am planning to go to the Pushkar Camel Fair next month; this would be my second trip to Pushkar, first being in November 2006 with over a dozen BCMTouring members (Pushkar Travelogue).

While I spent majority of my first trip in chit chatting, eating and lazing around with a bit of sighting, this time around I am planning to devote majority of my time to photography.

To photographers, Pushkar is kind of like what Disneyland is for kids. With myriad of colors, sights, people dressed in colorful traditional cloths, death defying shows, tradition, culture and of course, lots and lots of camels and livestock.

So if you like photography and have the time to visit the fair during 7th to 13th November, then don’t think twice. Go there and you will come back with memory cards full of beautiful and memorable photographs.

I’ll most likely be there between 7th to 9th November and so will be members from BCMTouring, if you are heading there and are interested in meeting me/us there, then email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 9891211270.


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