Wari La Pass (17,300ft)

A good friend of mine, Avinash Sidhu has once again managed to go where few dare to go and has managed to conquer the mighty Wari La on his motorcycle.

For the uninitiated, Wari La is a 17,300ft high pass in Ladakh and is pegged by the army to be alternative route to Nubra Valley (in lieu of Khardung La). However there is a catch, the route isn’t yet complete, including a few bridges and even the cab drivers in Nubra Valley and Ladakh hesitate in doing this route and villager from villages located on the foothill of the pass, prefer to take Khardung La route to Leh, even though it is almost double the distance for them!

So when three bikers in the middle of unusually cold October (all passes covered in snow), decide to do Wari La on their motorcycle, one can foresee a great adventure in making and what an adventure it was.

This photograph of Wari La is just a sample of what these guys went through!

Check out rest of their travelogue and photos, it is surely something that you will remember for a long time, Wari La travelogue.


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