Review of Petronas Sprinta 4T 5000

I decided to use Petronas Sprinta 4T 5000 fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil for my trip to Sach Pass and hence got it filled a couple of days before the ride.

From the word go, I started feeling something amiss as my bike started having trouble revving freely, something which became more and more clear on the day before my ride to Sach Pass.

My initially thought was that my mechanic had made a mistake while tightening the tappets and I took her to him the night before the ride and even last minute tinkering didn’t do any good.

Next day when I bid Delhi goodbye and started riding on the highway, it became clearer how serious the problem actually was, as my bike was taking a long time to cross 80kmph and engine had become quite rough. This problem remained throughout the trip and posed some serious issues while climbing steep sections en route to one of the toughest motorable pass in India, Sach Pass. While I did knew that the pass was tough for motorcycles, seeing a Pulsar 150 do it faster and more easily than my Pulsar 180, only reinforced my belief, that this was due to the trouble I was having with my motorcycle ever since I switched to Petronas 4T 5000 fully synthetic engine oil.

While I knew that this engine oil wasn’t as thick as the recommended grade for my motorcycle (20w50), I had not imagined that it would perform worse than Castrol Power 1, which I used to rate as the worse engine oil till I switched to Petronas 4T 5000.

I don’t know whether it was a one off issue or just an issue with my motorcycle not liking it but after having used it for over 2000kms on my motorcycle, I wouldn’t be using this engine oil every again and wouldn’t recommend any one else to do it either.

Petronas does make good engine oil like Sprinta 4T 2000, which I loved very much, but Sprinta 4T 5000 is just too bad.


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