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Review of Petronas Sprinta 4T 5000

I decided to use Petronas Sprinta 4T 5000 fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil for my trip to Sach Pass and hence got it filled a couple of days before the ride.

From the word go, I started feeling something amiss as my bike started having trouble revving freely, something which became more and more clear on the day before my ride to Sach Pass.

My initially thought was that my mechanic had made a mistake while tightening the tappets and I took her to him the night before the ride and even last minute tinkering didn’t do any good.

Next day when I bid Delhi goodbye and started riding on the highway, it became clearer how serious the problem actually was, as my bike was taking a long time to cross 80kmph and engine had become quite rough. This problem remained throughout the trip and posed some serious issues while climbing steep sections en route to one of the toughest motorable pass in India, Sach Pass. While I did knew that the pass was tough for motorcycles, seeing a Pulsar 150 do it faster and more easily than my Pulsar 180, only reinforced my belief, that this was due to the trouble I was having with my motorcycle ever since I switched to Petronas 4T 5000 fully synthetic engine oil.

While I knew that this engine oil wasn’t as thick as the recommended grade for my motorcycle (20w50), I had not imagined that it would perform worse than Castrol Power 1, which I used to rate as the worse engine oil till I switched to Petronas 4T 5000.

I don’t know whether it was a one off issue or just an issue with my motorcycle not liking it but after having used it for over 2000kms on my motorcycle, I wouldn’t be using this engine oil every again and wouldn’t recommend any one else to do it either.

Petronas does make good engine oil like Sprinta 4T 2000, which I loved very much, but Sprinta 4T 5000 is just too bad.


  1. Have you tried motul?

  2. prashant says:

    well petronas is fine but problem is with wrong grade.. ;).. i think i have faced similar thing.. motul is not a solution. but may be an oil with SAE 20W40 and fully synthetic should have existed..

  3. Prashant as mentioned in the review, I have used 20w40 grade engine oil in my motorcycle, numerous times (due to lack of availability of 20w50 oil a couple of years back) and never faced any problem like this! Bike was back to normal, just by switching to Petronas 4T 2000!

  4. I used Petronas Sprinta 5000 10w40 in my ZMA R and even after 500 kms I am happy. The first ride was butter smooth but it lost a significant bit of sheen after initial 100 kms. Still it has reduced the engine heat and carries the smoothness better than the Hero Honda recommended engine oil. It has also increased the mileage by 2 kms and i think i will continue it for a long time to come.

  5. dude can i use tis for fz16

  6. it is foolish of u to criticise the petronas oil when u used the wrong grade . pulsar requires thicker 50 grade oil n petronas is a thinner oil for bikes with tighter engine clearences . quite a misleading article .

  7. First of all learn to write respectfully and in a non sms lingo style!

    Secondly, I know 20w50 is the recommended grade for Pulsar 180cc, however it does not means 20w40 engine oils do not work properly. It is just that they don’t last long and this is a fact which has been mentioned in the review, “While I knew that this engine oil wasn’t as thick as the recommended grade for my motorcycle (20w50), I had not imagined that it would perform worse than Castrol Power 1, which I used to rate as the worse engine oil till I switched to Petronas 4T 5000.”

    Castrol Power 1 is 15w40 semi-synthetic engine oil, which I have used in my motorcycle couple times, along with a few other 20w40 engine oils, since availability of 20w50 motorcycle engine oil is an issue in India, especially a couple of years ago.

    Fact of the matter is, at least for my motorcycle, Petronas 4T 5000 engine oil turned out the be the worst ever motorcycle engine oil, if it works well for your motorcycle, then that is great, however my view remains the same.

  8. Correctly said. I have shifted to Motul5100 15W 50 and I feel this is the best oil you can use!

  9. petronas is selling low grade oil in india now .the first lot is imported and they are using group3+baseoil,and for competition they are using low qualitybaseoiland blending and packing locally.and they give ungenuine higher margin for selling there product to mechanics and dealers.sodonot use lowgrade oilfor your bike.irecomend youto use 4tpremium semisynthetic oil it has 20w50 grade of valvoline

  10. guys before migrating to a fully synthetic oil in your car or bike or any vehicle tat matters it should done in steps firstly you should use a semi synthetic product and then u should use the fully synthetic one. if u are using fully synthetic before it doesnt matter,and to amit how can u be so sure in saying that petronas is using low quality oil? and still the oil is being imported from Malaysia, and all the products are being used on group 3+ base oil itself and the packing is not done locally too! i know this cos i work for petronas

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  12. i have tried petronas 2000 and 4000. currently running 4000 , was so impressed with the oil bought 7 Litres, even gifted 2 litre to a FZ friend. at 230 rs this is Pure VFM (one shop keeeper has 2008’s stock)

    very happy with the performance (4000 is semi synthethic). was thinking to try 5000 but after reading this review, am having 2nd thoughts.

  13. dude ,use mobil 1 the best in mobil across the world ,it cost me around 800, it was much better than my prev castrol 4t power1 racing, i ride rz16 n i had to change it in 2900km cus from 2500km i felt my clutch was slipping, n its really pain in the ass to drive like that. neways after switchin to mobil1 4t, all my problems went away in an instant.accelerating ,engine felt smoth than it was nvr before,so i higly recommend this oil over castrol ,petronas.

  14. plzz suggest which fully synthetic oil should i use for cbz xtreme (2011)

  15. Motul 300v if you want to go for synthetic. Having said that, mineral and synthetic blends are really VFM and at times it is just best to change oil a little more frequently, instead of switching to synthetic, unless red lining your bike way too often.

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