Countdown begins for Pushkar Camel Fair – 2008

With less than 77 hours to go before I head to the Pushkar Camel Fair, preparations are in full swing.

Good thing is, my motorcycle is almost ready. She just needs a wash, air pressure check and full tank of gas. I got front brake pads changed yesterday and also got the speedometer cable fixed (finally) while today I got the engine oil changed to Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 20w50 and also got the wheel alignment done.

Bad news is, I need to get a hair cut and buy a pair of comfortable woodland shoes, without which my past few trips have been really tough on my feet and with a lot of walking involved at the fair, I need a comfortable pair though getting it this late would mean that breaking in would happen during the trip, which is almost never a good thing.

Apart from this I also need to charge batteries for my cameras and also clean up the saddle bags and my gear and do packing.

While I most likely would be riding alone, I’ll have plenty of company at Pushkar as rest of the BCMTouring team assembles there on Saturday and the same would be true while coming back as majority would be doing the same on Sunday.

All this sounds simple enough, let’s see how the next 77 hours go…


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