Finally preparations over for Pushkar Camel Fair

Preparations are almost over for the trip to Pushkar Camel Fair.

Had already gotten a hair cut yesterday and today I went to Karol Bagh and got a new camera bag for my camera and bought a pair of G 40777 Woodland shoes, I had a similar woodland pair earlier (in slightly darker green shade), which I had purchased in 2004 and it had gotten completely wrecked during 2007 Ladakh trip.

While I had paid Rs. 2,000 for it at that time, I had to pay Rs. 2,395 this time around. But at the end of the day, it is well worth it and for 3 years I had really enjoyed the previous pair as they were the most comfortable shoes I had bought and I expect a similar life frame this time around. Though I expect the next few days to be a bit uncomfortable as I haven’t broken in the pair and due to my wide feet, initial few days are almost always painful.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be riding out Manik in the morning and expect to reach Pushkar by late afternoon. If you are there during the weekend and want to contact me, feel free to give me a buzz at 9891211270.


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