Terrorists attack India, again!

Terrorist attacks it seems are becoming a part and parcel of being an Indian as another major attack takes place, this time in Mumbai. With over 100 people dead and hundreds of people injured, it is certainly one of the biggest and bloodiest terrorist attacks which have taken place in India in recent times and it still hasn’t ended yet!

The sad thing about the whole episode is, while innocent people loose their life, politicians are busy with their own lives. With over 12 hours already passed since the attacks first started, neither our Prime Minister nor our President have felt the necessity to address and reassure the nation, not that it would make a major impact as people are already sick and tired of their uselessness.

India today needs a strong government which does not tolerates such acts and is willing to go to what ever length needed to ensure these things don’t ever happen again, if it means like United States, we need to take the battle home to those behind these attacks then so be it, we are already bleeding, a war would only expedite it for a short duration.


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