Delhi goes to poll tomorrow

Tomorrow state assembly elections will be held in Delhi. I became eligible for voting some 7 years back, however haven’t yet voted in a single election as I always hated politics.

However, there is only so much time you can stay outside the system, criticize it and hope it improves on its own.

I have come to realize that this is not the way to go, if I want politicians to listen to my views/demands then I have to vote for them, and make them realize that people like me are responsible for electing them to office and if they wish to be reelected again, they need to listen to us!

The longer we leave it to the uneducated or those polarized along caste and religious lines to vote politicians to power, the only politicians we will see coming to power would be the ones who appeal to them.

To fix this, the only way forward is to ensure that educated people like you and me start voting and vote for those who we believe are good for our nation or at least the lesser evil than the rest.

Personally I also believe that we should vote for the major national parties to ensure that whoever comes to power, has enough majority to push for change and is thus more accountable. By voting for small regional parties we only ensure that there is a hung assembly and politicians spend more time pleasing their coalition partners then paying attention to the issues affecting us.

So make sure you exercise your constitutional right and make yourself more accountable for the progress/degradation of our dear nation, India.


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