Bought a Nokia 1650 mobile phone

Today I bought a Nokia 1650 mobile phone to replace my now dead, Sony Ericsson K700i mobile phone.

While the newly bought phone actually has fewer features than my 4 year old K700i, it still has all the features I regularly use and then some more and the icing on the cake is the pricing, Rs. 1750 (US$ 35).

What really attracted me towards this phone was the fact that Nokia 1650 has a claimed battery life of 8 hours of talk time and up to 17.5 days of standby time. While I don’t expect the battery to last that much, it would interesting to see how much standby and talk time I can squeeze out of it.

However in all likelihood, I wouldn’t need to carry charger for this phone on majority of my trips, apart from those which last for more than a week, which is certainly a big boon for a traveling enthusiast like me.

What I didn’t liked about the phone was the dual tone finish which makes this otherwise nice looking handset look a bit cheap and its keypad which is rather rubbery and a huge step down from K700’s keys, which I used to like a lot.

I’ll most likely post a detailed review of the phone after a month of usage to report on how it is doing and how much time Nokia 1650’s battery actually lasts for.


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