Capturing interesting travel photographs

Travel provides an amazing opportunity for photographers and photography enthusiasts to capture interesting photographs of people and places they are visiting. However these photographs sometime end up being a little disappointing and fail to capture the essence of the place.

On similar lines, I received the following question from fellow BCMTian, Amit and I thought of sharing his question and my answer with all of you.

Hi Yogesh

I was going through the latest Sariska thread pics and the rawness of the pics just remind me of the way I click. I mean his pics just dont make that impression which pics of many others like you on this forum make. These specialist will put life into ordinary pics of a visit to their village or visit to an old archaeological site.

I am unable to understand where is it that the difference is. Is there a difference in the machines used, is there a difference in the training or just we don’t have the eye to click those special photographs. This can be a topic in the forum also.

Please guide me about the basic photography tips. Also I do intend to change my camera but not anytime soon.


Hi Amit, normally when people go out, they like to capture photographs of them having fun. Like for instance if a person wanted to have his picture taken with a fort, it would most probably look like this. (Sorry for the bad example, I guess it would have a little more of the background in it but sadly I donâ’t have that kind of photo and had only captured this one in this manner because I always hear Sparsh complaining, that I capture photographs from too far away.)

Now on the other hand, this is how I normally take such photograph!

Now that doesn’t makes for an interesting photograph of a person and neither would this!

However the above two photographs capture the essence and beauty of a place, and this is what I normally aim to capture when I take out my camera. When your sole intent of taking a photograph is to capture the beauty of a certain place or thing, you start seeing things differently and this difference in perspective, helps you capture interesting photographs.

This usually doesn’t goes down well with friends and family (believe me), at least initially. However it provides you with a treasure trove of photographs of the sights you have seen and would take you back to those places, when you look at them again. And this I believe is the sole reason, why I find travel photography the most interesting genre of photography.

As for photography tips, here are few articles, I am sure you will find interesting and helpful:

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Personally I try to look for slightly different and colorful things/subjects, which would make a photograph interesting and also try to at least follow rules of thirds occasionally.

Another important aspect is sharing only the best photographs you have captured, for instance, during my trip to Sariska, I had captured 192 photographs, however only posted 32 out of them, which I felt were good enough to be shared.


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