Ladakh 2009

I have finally made up my mind to revisit Ladakh this year, after last year’s sabbatical. When I do go to Ladakh, it would be my forth visit to that wonderful and enchanting place that I normally refer to as, Heaven on Earth.

Though I haven’t yet come up with a travel plan for the Ladakh 2009 trip, and haven’t even zeroed in on the month that I would be traveling in.

I guess

Maybe this is the way it should be this year, no plans whatsoever. Stopping where day turns into night and then getting up the next morning and riding to whichever place first comes to mind. After all, I have visited almost all the touristy places in Ladakh, which are accessible by road and know them like the back of my hand.

Come to think of it, this should also provide me with ample time to indulge in photography, and with no worries about keeping up with a plan, I will be able to focus my energy on seeing and exploring the beauty of Ladakh and trying to capture it through my lens.

Just me and my sweetheart and moonscape of Ladakh



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