Improving photography skills, contest and assignment

At BCMTouring, we have always been big fan of photography and have so far organized numerous photography contests.

Towards this end, we are currently organizing a Bird Photography Contest for BCMTians. Contest so far has seen numerous beautiful entries and you can view them here.

We have also started a new initiative to improve photography of all interested members by launching Photography Assignments and this week’s Photography Assignment is Food.

It is not a competition as such, just a healthy show off thread where members have to click photographs of the pre-decided theme and then post their creative entries for the viewing pleasure of all. Of course the added advantage in this week’s assignment is that one has to click photographs of delicious food, which for a foodie like me, provided me with an excellent excuse to go out and buy pastries for “photography purpose” :D.

And here is one of my entries (it was every bit as delicious as it looks)
Mixed Fruit Pastry


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