The curious case of Benjamin Button, review

Yesterday I watched ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’, a movie I wanted to watch for a long time. Here is my short of review of it:

The curious case of Benjamin Button is quite different from the usual movies which are made in Hollywood/Bollywood, however in a good way. For one the story line is completely different from any movie I have watched till now, even though at times it reminded me of ‘Forrest Gump’, which is a favorite of mine.

The main story begins with the birth of Benjamin (played by Brad Pitt), whose mother dies after child birth and who is born with a body which looks like that of an old man. Shocked by the looks of his child and death of his wife, his father abandons him outside an old age home, where a caretaker (Queenie) who decides to raise Benjamin as her own son. As Benjamin grows, he starts getting younger instead of becoming older like every one else.

Being such a unique person, his view towards what is happening around him is quite different from that of a normal person and that fact alone is enough to keep you glued to your chair for this rather longish movie. Though towards latter middle of the movie, it kinds of get boring, only to pickup towards the end to a somewhat okish end. Which I felt could have been slightly better.

There is also a strong disconnect between the clock that is running backwards, which was made by a person who lost his son in World War 1 and is supposed to be linked to the life of Benjamin and the main plot which plays on for most part without any linkage to it. This is one aspect I really felt could have been handled much-much better than it was.

However it is one movie, which is surely worth watching if you like movies like Forrest Gump, if you are a action/comedy movie buff, then it won’t appeal to you much.


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