Delhi 6 movie review

Yesterday I finally decided to watch the Hindi movie, Delhi 6 (for the uninitiated, 110006 is Chandni Chowk’s postal code, hence Delhi-6).

Delhi 6 is a movie which has multiple ‘main themes’ which are further mixed with even more themes and issues to somehow come up with a sorry excuse for a movie which features just about every worst thing which has happened in Delhi in past.

Castism, police brutality, Hindu – Muslim riots, monkey man (Kala Bandar) scare, aspirations of girl growing in strict environment, NRI discovering his roots, rich old man marrying a young poor girl, eve teasing, inter religious marriage, superstitions, politics etc. are just few of the things this movie tries to address and pin points as shortcomings of Chandni Chowk and to a certain degree, India as a whole.

All this comes together in the end to form a supposable emotional and a ray of hope kind of end, which in fact brings cheer to your face, as you know that this atrocity of a movie is finally over and you can finally head home and take that much needed aspirin/dispirin and vow to never see another movie made by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Director)!

As a Delhiite, I feel we should collectively sue the director and producer of this movie, not because it is a pathetic and negative portrayal of our beloved Delhi (which it is), but because the word Delhi would be associated with all the migraines that people have had to endure after seeing this pathetic excuse for a movie which can best be describe as a collection of scenes featuring negative portrayal of Delhi and India!

Oh yes, this movie wasn’t actually shot in Chandni Chowk (barring a few scenes) and was in fact shot entirely in a town in Rajasthan!

Watch Delhi 6 at your own risk and take a aspirin/dispirin along!


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