Trip to Indian Air Force Museum

Today I visited the Indian Air Force Museum, located at Palam Air Force Base (next to Delhi’s domestic airport) in New Delhi.

I went there with not so high hopes as I had heard that it was not in good shape and wasn’t worth visiting. However I was in for a surprise, once I got there. Not only was it maintained in a decent manner (though it could have been better), it also depicted the history of Indian Air Force in a pleasant manner. Add to this, there were plenty of actual planes on display, though majority of them being inside a hanger, I had slight trouble photographing them.

Here just few of the photographs from my visit today:

Air Force Museum




Hawker Hurricane


Anti-Aircraft guns captured from Dhaka Air Force Base (Bangladesh) during 1971 India-Pakistan war


To view more photographs of Indian Air Force Museum, click here

Indian Air Force Museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday and on all Gazetted holidays.

Indian Air Force Museum is open from 10AM to 5PM on all days, except those mentioned above.

Entry is free and there is no charges for camera’s either. All in all, a great place to spend a holiday with family.

Click here to view Indian Air Force Museum on Wikimapia

Update: photography is no longer allowed at Indian Air Force Museum. Even mobile phones with cameras are barred and people must leave them with the security officials or in their own vehicles.


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