Uniross Hybrio review

I got a free pair of Uniross Hybrio (Hybrid) AA 1900mah rechargeable batteries with Uniross X-Press 300 charger, which I bought from Photofair 2009.

Since January they have been laying in my camera bag as backup battery, because Uniross Hybrio is advertised as a ready to use hybrid battery, which can hold its charge for a year and I was counting on it to come to my rescue one day.

While going for the Humayun Tomb photography trip, I decided to carry that pair with me and see if this claim actually holds true and whether or not I can rely on it to be the backup battery.

After reaching Humayun’s Tomb and cranking out couple of long exposureuniross-hybrio shots, my first pair 2500mah Uniross batteries were dead, as I had been using them since my visit to Air Force Museum last week. Now it was time for Uniross Hybrio’s to prove their metal and be the backup battery for my kit.

However, Uniross Hybrio’s failed miserably! They couldn’t even power up my camera and if it wasn’t for the second pair of 2500mah Uniross batteries I was carrying, I would have had to return empty handed!

In Hybrio’s defense, this particular pair was imported to India in March 2008 and was probably manufactured before that and it could have been the reason behind its dead performance.

However, considering the fact that it costs more than 2500mah Uniross batteries and is supposed to last half as much (500 charge vs. 1000 for Uniross 2500mah), it is very poor value for money, especially if the above performance is anything to go by!

However since I have had good luck with Uniross batteries and this pair of Uniross Hybrio’s were free, I am ready to give it a second chance and have charged them and would likely test them again a few months down the line and see if they can live up to their promise.

Till then, I will be carrying a sealed pair of Duracell non rechargeable batteries with me on my trips as backup like I have so far.

Edit: had to rely on Uniross Hybrios today (13th May 2009) and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed. They managed to hold their charge for the 50 days in the warm weather of Delhi. Will exhaust them soon and would recharge them and put them away, this time hopefully I wouldn’t have to turn to them for the next 3 months, after which I would test them out again.

Edit 2: They just kept on failing miserably and I eventually decided to stop using them.


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