Things we remember!

As I sit down to write this post, Tata Safari’s “Remember” ad is doing rounds in my head and I can’t help but feel, how right it feels.

Now I am the type of person who forgets a lot, I could never remember the things I studied an hour before my exams, I forget things that people had said to me a few minutes back, I forget people’s name and I certainly don’t remember any chores :D.

Yet I manage to vividly recall minute details of my Ladakh and Zanskar trip, which occurred 2 and a half year ago.

I remember the dimly lit kitchen cum dinning room of Eco Huts at Pangong Tso, half a dozen Israeli tourists listening to an Israeli song and singing along with it, cute dark haired Israeli girl sitting in the middle, laughing and singing at the same time, hot plate of rice and dal and my half empty 500ml coke bottle sitting in front of me, constant hammering of winds on the wooden door of the kitchen, smirky faces of locals and couple of Army jawans sitting in the corner, looking at the tourists and joking amongst themselves.

Not the most important thing or event in the world, yet, forever etched in my memory. Maybe it is the AMS or some other high altitude phenomena, which turns our brain’s record feature on.

Whatever it is, it does makes me wonder, do these not so important things (as we love to classify them as) could actual be more important that what we would like them to be?


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