How not to comment spam a blog!

While majority of the people comment on blogs because they liked/disliked the blogger’s point of view and wanted share theirs with him/her. On the other hand, quite a few website owners/bloggers feel commenting on others blog is just a way to get some free traffic and links for their websites/blogs.

Take this person for instance, who posted the following comment on my blog today:

I strongly recommend that you turn the No Follow off in your comment section.

I’ll watch Google Webmaster Tools, and if the links don’t show up after a couple of weeks — I won’t go back to that blog again.

Another suggestion: you should have a Top Commentator widget installed.

Do Follow and Top Commentator will ensure that you have a successful blog with lots of readers!

He makes it sound like his visit is actually important to me and my blog and I should be looking forward to his visits and him spamming my blog to get free backlinks and traffic for his no good website, which otherwise is just too lame to get any.

While I deleted his spam ASAP, I thought about writing this post, because I felt that it might actually get some sense in to at least a few of those people who want to  spam other’s blog.

If you are one of those people then wake up and instead of spamming other’s, start producing quality content that would bring in organic traffic and backlinks for your site, rather than waste yours and other’s precious time by resorting to spamming. Of course if you have something important that you would like to share with that blogger/rest of the world, go right ahead and comment, however do not for a second think that stupid messages like above would actually get your comment approved!


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