Manali – Leh highway is still closed!

Even though the BRO had officially declared the Manali – Leh highway as open a few days back (link), situation is quite different on the ground.

According to a fellow BCMTian (Mad Rider), who is currently in Keylong, vehicles are not even able to go till Sarchu, as there is just too much ice and snow on the road and even the experienced local drivers aren’t able to get their vehicles through! Something which comes as a shock to me as vehicles are able to cross Baralacha La, but not able to get to Sarchu!

I guess the Mother Nature has decided to recuperate herself this year and it would take some more time before the real highway to heaven opens up for us mortals. Till then, Ladakh 2009 aspirants would have to use the Srinagar – Leh highway to get to Ladakh.


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