Compact outdoor temperature meter

I have been wanting to buy a outdoor temperature meter for quite a few years now, after all it is a fun thing to have when you are standing on a high altitude pass shivering with cold and wondering, how cold it really is!

So a couple of weeks ago I finally decided to buy one as I saw a pretty good deal on a Hong Kong based shopping website, which ships all over the world, for free!

So for the cost of US$ 3.39 (approximately Rs. 163 and with free shipping), I ordered a compact room and outdoor temperature meter. While I placed the order on the 15th of May, I received the temperature meter yesterday (28th May).



On first look it is a really compact temperature meter, which means it is quite easy to carry in your pocket so that you can take it out from time to time to check the current temperature.

Powered by two button cells, it’s really a simple device to use, since there are no buttons to fiddle with! Just insert the battery and it starts working!

It does take a minute or so to update temperature, but for US$ 3.39 and that too including the cost of shipping from Hong Kong to New Delhi, it is value for money and a fun gadget to carry on trips.

Here are the features of this compact temperature meter:

Ultra compact, thin frame design
Perfect for using at home, office, and in vehicles
Displays in both degrees Fahrenheit (‘F) and Celsius (‘C)
Powered by 2 x AG13 batteries (included)
Remote sensor temperature range: -50’C to +70’C
LCD working temperature range: -10’C to +50’C

Link to the compact temperature meter


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