End of an era!

At times even the good things in life have to come to an end, and the same is true for my webmaster blog. Which I haven’t been able to update in quite a while now. These days majority of my focus and energy is on running the front end of my sites i.e. the content, rather than promoting or tweaking the backend. This leaves me with little or no time for the numerous webmaster forums and even my webmaster blog.

So I’ll be closing it down in the next few days and would transfer a few important articles to this blog. So don’t be surprise to see several webmaster articles being posted on this blog, in the next few days.

However you need not worry, major focus of this blog would always be travel, motorcycling, photography and my life. After the transfer is complete, I’ll resume normal posting and you can expect to see a lot more travel and photography oriented posts.


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