Directory 101: Approving only quality links

Quality vs. Quantity, this is one question that no matter which organization/business you are running, is bound to popup at some point. The same is also true if you are running a web directory and free directory in particular.

A decent directory on averages receives tens if not hundreds of submissions each day, while we tend to hit the delete button on sites which do not belong to the niche of our directory or aren’t suitable for our directory. There are quite a few MFAs which get submitted as well, while they might belong to the same niche, they do not add any value to the web and aren’t likely to impress a visitor.

In such a scenario, what do you do?

Do you allow them to get listed or do you simply reject their submission?

If you are like me, then it is likely that you don’t approve those websites. However in case you are one of those directory owners, who approves just about every thing for the sake of increasing the amount of link in their directory, I got news for you. You are polluting your own directory!

Yes that’s right, you are polluting your own directory by approving such submissions. Not only you aren’t helping a web user who might have come to your directory to search for information, you are also lowering the quality and value of your directory in the long term.

By listing poor quality websites, you are undermining your link power which can have a negative effect in your directories listing. Not only that, you are sending the wrong signal to those who might be thinking of buying featured link or advertisements on your directory.

By being strict about the editorial guidelines, you will not only ensure a positive experience for the users of your web directory, but also ensure that advertisers see your directory in a positive light.


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