Advertising your online business offline

I just went though a post by Scott on Self Made Minds, how online entrepreneurs in some ways are failing to capitalize through the offline advertisement opportunities through some conventional and some not so conventional ways.

Here are few more ways to advertise offline, beside which were mentioned in “Don’t forget how we used to do it” by Scott.

1. Bumper Stickers: That’s right, if you own a car/motorcycle or for that matter any other form of transport, then you can use the spare space to put up a sticker with your website’s url with some (if space allows) catchy slogan.

2. T-shirts: T-Shirts are a great way to promote your business during a convention or a fair.

3. Body Paint: Though a little provocative, advertising on a sexy lady’s (or gent’s if you are targeting ladies) body through body paint almost guarantees a second look from onlookers. Best done at beaches.

4. Posters: Yes that’s right, you can put posters in cyber cafes, pubs, clubs, shops, restaurants etc. if they cater to people you want to target. You can talk to the manager of the establishment and they might just allow you to put up one for free or for a small fee.

These are just some more ways you can promote your online business offline. Don’t forget, most people still spend a fair bit of time away from computers.


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