Why quality content is bad!

We are always lead to believe, generating quality content is essential for our online success, it is often said; if you have quality content, readers along with money will follow.

However, having devoted quite a bit of my effort and resources in trying to generate quality content for my websites, I have sadly discovered, this just isn’t always the case. Here are few reasons why I believe, quality content is bad!

4. Hard to generate: Let’s face it, generating good quality content, whether text, image, video, song or software, takes more effort than run of the middle stuff.

3. Limits user participation: Let’s face it, if your article provides your readers every bit of information they are looking for, it will just become F.A.Q.. While this might be good for how-to websites and blogs, but for a forum it will severely limit user participation.

2. Content theft: That’s right, if you write a good article or produce a magnificent photo, chances are, some one will copy and paste it on his/her site/blog. After all who on earth would want to copy mediocre content?

1. Bad at revenue generation: Lets face it; if your article isn’t compelling users to buy a product through affiliate networks, it might just be bad for your revenue. After all if you manage to satisfy your audience’s thirst for information, what incentive they have to click on advertisements or use that google search box you got on your website?


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