Pushkar Camel Fair 2009 dates

Although it is a bit early to be posting about the Pushkar Mela, this is just a heads up for any one planning to visit Pushkar this year, Pushkar Camel Fair would be held during 30th October to 2nd November 2009 at Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Even though the official fair would begin on the 30th and end on 2nd November (Karthik Purnima), if you are more interested in seeing and photographing the actual camel and livestock fair, then make sure you arrive 5-6 day prior to the end of the fair i.e. by 27th/28th October, as this is the time when maximum number of camels, livestock and traders will be in town.

Usually by the time the official fair begins, most of the traders have already sold/bought camels and start heading back to their villages and you won’t get many photo opportunities like these.



In case you need more convincing, here is a link to my last year’s trip to Pushkar Camel Fair and Brahma Temple.


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