MDDHosting, Semi-Dedicated hosting plan review

Roughly a month ago, I bought a semi-dedicated hosting account with MDDHosting, since I had to move one of my sites (Indiaon2wheels) to another server, because it was consuming too many resources and causing other sites on my servers to slow down.

Due to the amount of traffic Indiaon2wheels was receiving, it was impossible to host it on a normal shared hosting account and I didn’t wanted to get in to the trouble of managing two servers/vps and thus started looking for a powerful shared hosting account. Which could not only handle all the traffic IO2W was receiving at the moment, but also hold up to the expected increase in traffic in the next few months and wouldn’t need all the back end work, which is generally associated with managing and running your own server/vps.

After a lot of researching and reading various reviews, one name came up again and again, MDDHosting. After a couple of email exchange with their sales department, I decided to bit the bullet and went ahead and ordered their semi-dedicated plan.

Account was setup in a jiffy, though dedicated ip allocation took couple of hours to complete. An email to support and IO2W was migrated to the new server and was up and running in a matter of minutes.

Since then I have had no reason to approach the support as the site is running as fast as ever and I haven’t yet experienced any downtime or slowdown (monitored 24/7).

Overall I am quite satisfied with my MDDHosting semi-dedicated account, as it has managed to handle thousands of visitors who daily visit Indiaon2wheels, with aplomb and without even once coming to a crawl.

Hopefully the same would be true a few months down the line as well, when I will post a bit longer term review of their hosting account.


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