How to protect your camera in rain

Cameras and in particular the digital cameras are quite sensitive to water damage and it is one thing which is normally not covered under warranty. So unless you happen to have a camera which is waterproof or you are shooting from inside your car, protecting your camera during rain becomes a top priority for photographers and travel enthusiasts.

So when I came across tips on how to protect camera from rain on Arun’s blog, I thought I would share some of my tips as well, apart from what Arun has already suggested.

Carry an umbrella: Let’s face it, rain brings out some of the best hues in nature and shooting a photograph while it is raining, can be quite a rewarding experience. An umbrella can provide you with enough cover to shoot the photograph safely, without coming too much in the way. Motorcycle tourers can also use their helmets to protect their camera, like I did in Khajjiar, to capture this photograph.


Carry lint free cloth and blower: Irrespective of whether you are going to be shooting in rain or not, always remember to carry a lint free clean cloth and a blower (not the electric one, but a hand operated one which is part of lens cleaning kits) to clean your camera lens, in case it gets rain droplets or dust on it. Also carry another cloth to wipe your camera body and make sure to place these in a easily accessible yet water and dust proof location (plastic bags are great for this).

Silica Gel pouch: Silica gel pouch absorb the moisture from air and thus help keep the moisture away from your camera/electronic equipment, when they are stored inside a bag. So make sure you got one inside your camera bag, to protect your camera from humidity.

Keep your camera in open: Once you reach your hotel room/home, make sure to empty your bag and place the content outside to help get rid of moisture and water that might have seeped in, remember do not switch on the camera if you find that it has gotten wet in rain. Place it inside the room under the fan and wait for couple of days, before switching it on. Drying your camera in sun or using a electric blower would end up ruining it instead!

Keep a backup camera ready: Not throwing away your old camera can be a good thing as you can use it in rain or in case your camera develops any problem.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that monsoon are the perfect time to indulge in photography, so don’t hesitate too much and go out there and enjoy…


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