2009 Ladakh Preparations: Tyres

Went to Karol Bagh today to get the tyres changed and got quite a surprise. Number of tyres available is down and prices are up quite a bit.

Had to scour through the market in hopes of finding a good dual purpose motorcycle tyre for my Pulsar 180 and didn’t like almost all the tyres available there. Finally settled for a Metro Continental Fighter 120/80×18” for the rear and MRF Zapper 2.75×18” (stock one) for the front. Bought both the tyres and their tubes from Master Tyre for Rs. 2700.

During the ride back home, the rear tyre just didn’t felt right and kind of seemed over eager to corner and hesitant to change sides with the front going heavy. Don’t know if it is the tyre, fitting or my past 33,000km worth of wonderful riding experience on the FKR Ranger, but I didn’t like the initial feel of Metro Continental Fighter.


Hopefully once the wheel alignment is done (rims are in bad shape) and the tyre completes its run in and I get a bit adjusted to it, it would be better. I’ll post a review of it after coming back from my Ladakh trip.

Also bought couple of bungee ropes for Rs. 20 each from Chopra Helmets, he didn’t have the tankpad or saddle bags, so I guess I’ll have to hunt for them later in the week.


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