Long term review of 7amp UPS battery in Pulsar 180

It has been a little over two years since I first started using a 7amp UPS battery in my Bajaj Pulsar 180 motorcycle, even though the bike originally came with a 9amp standard motorcycle battery.

When I first installed the UPS battery in my motorcycle, I was expecting it to last for a year or year and a half at most. However it is only for past month or two, has the battery started loosing its charge, partially due to the fact that I have not been riding my motorcycle that often for past 5-6 months and that in turn has allowed the battery to get weak overtime.


Not bad considering that the cost of the UPS battery was around half of that of the 9amp motorcycle battery and I didn’t noticed it having any problem even powering my 55w spot lamp for around an hour or so. Add to that, it is absolutely zero maintenance with no need to top up any water or anything.

Based on this fact, I’ll be buying a new 7amp UPS battery in a day or two and hopefully that would last as much if not more than this one.


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