2009 Ladakh Preparations: Motorcycle

Last couple of days have involved plenty of running around as I try to get the bike serviced and prepared for my upcoming trip to Ladakh.

Today and yesterday I got majority of the stuff done on my motorcycle, here is a breakdown of things which have been done/replaced on my motorcycle:

  • Clutch and Pressure Plates: changed
  • Clutch hub: changed
  • Clutch wheel: changed
  • Drive Chain and Sprockets: changed
  • Timing Chain: changed
  • Con Set: changed
  • Spark Plug: changed
  • Air filter: changed
  • Engine oil: changed
  • Speedometer cable: changed
  • Clutch cable: changed
  • Accelerator cable: changed
  • Choke cable: changed
  • Disc Brake master guide: changed
  • Disc Brake oil: changed
  • Disc brake pads: changed
  • Brake shoes: changed
  • Tappets: adjusted
  • Front rim: spokes changed and wheel alignment done
  • Rear rim: wheel alignment done

Also bought a few spares for my bike as parts for Bajaj Pulsar 180 classic are now a bit hard to find, since it has been out of production for almost 6 years now (DTSi was launched in October 2006).

Total damage: Rs. 4300
Odometer reading: 67296

Bike now feels overeager to begin the trip, but before that happens. I will have to get engine oil (spare), 90w gear oil for chain lubrication, tank pad, headlight bulb, battery and a few other things tomorrow.


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