Review: Star Trek 2009

Watched Star Trek XI (2009) movie today. For a Star Trek fan like me, it is a dream come true! Not only is it everything that original Star Trek series was, its even more; especially when it comes to the funny side (though the story turns everything upside down from the original plot, initially).

While Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto quite easily fall into the characters of Captain Kirk and Spock, rest of the crew just seems a bit odd to relate to the original crew (well barring Karl Urban as Bones), in particular John Cho, who plays the role of Sulu.

Barring these hiccups and a few obviously stupid situations (like when the Romulan ship starts drilling on earth and there is no attack on it from either Star Fleet or Earth’s defenses), which are quite easy to overlook and ignore, as one gets driven into a story which doesn’t feels slow or boring even for a second!

Can easily say, this is the best movie I have seen whole year!


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