Durga Puja 2009

Durga Puja is quite an important festival for Hindu Bengalis and is a time for festivity, with numerous puja pandals, springing up across the nation and even abroad, to celebrate this festival.

This year I decided to stick to the local durga puja pandal in my area, which is organized every year by Matrimandir Puja Committee (Mayapuri). Although not as grand or crowded as few other Dugra Puja Pandals in the city, it was nice and peaceful, just the way I wanted it.

Here are a few photographs I clicked at the pandal, when I visited it on Mahashtami.

Maa Durga


Maa Saraswati


All the deities (click to enlarge)


Since it was Mahashtami, girls from our area also performed the Dhunuchi Naach. Here are couple of videos I shot of Dhunuchi Dance:

Overall a fun filled religious evening.


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