Twitter, I am loving it!

Its been only a few months, since I first started using Twitter and only a couple of months, since I started using it on a slightly regular basis and yet, it has become my favorite and most actively used social networking site (if I do not include forums).

I guess the biggest benefit of using Twitter is the mere fact that it is simple to use and isn’t cluttered like other social networking sites. I know I can safely open it in my mobile phone’s browser, without being bogged down by tens of unnecessary things/modules. In fact it is one of the primary reason, why it is the only social networking site I use while traveling.

Add to that, other companies and Google in particular, have been finding ways to integrate Twitter in their applications/sites to provide a much more unified experience. For instance, when I publish this blog post online, it will be automatically linked to in my Twitter account by Feedburner’s new Twitter integration and that in turn would be added to my Linkedin status. In similar manner, when I upload or favorite a video on Youtube, it too would be posted on my Twitter account.

Which means, my usage of Twitter, whether directly or indirectly, is continuously growing and would likely provide my friends a single place to keep track of my activities and thoughts.

While I have not yet mastered the ways to use Twitter as a medium to expand my social circle, it does help me and my friends/acquaintances, stay in touch with each other.

Enough about my experience of Twitter, what has been your experience with this social networking/micro blogging platform?


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