Heading to the heart of India!

I am all set to travel to the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh.

This is my first trip to Madhya Pradesh and I would only be scratching the tip of the iceberg, as I plan to limit this visit to Khajuraho and few places around it (if I get the chance). Despite suggestions by friends and fellow travelers to take the train to Khajuraho (a new railway station has opened there), I am taking my bike, since it has been a while since I took her on a trip.

This trip has sadly been delayed multiple times and I am now heading there in the middle of peak tourist season and would likely be celebrating Christmas there. Hopefully I will find accommodation easily and within my budget.

Hopefully by nightfall I will be in Khajuraho (though frequent travelers think otherwise), and will be posting the next blog update from there. In the meanwhile, I will be regularly updating my Twitter account, so you can catch all the action live, there and here!

For now, check out these two ads of Madhya Pradesh from Incredible India campaign.


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