Posting from Jhansi

Posting this update from Jhansi, reached here at around 6 o’clock and decided to spend the night here, rather than continue ahead to Khajuraho, which is 180kms ahead.

A late start coupled with run around in Agra and Gwalior caused some delay, however the major one came in the shape of punctured rear tyre. Thankfully I didn’t have to drag my motorcycle too far to reach the puncture repair shop, but nevertheless, it did leave me breathless.

Puncture was caused by a bent screwdriver, which was abandoned on the road by its owner. I will post rest of the details in the travelogue, meanwhile here is the guilty screwdriver, which was found lodged in the rear wheel.

Roads for most part were good till Gwalior, which helped me maintain a decent enough average speed. Here is what the roads were like till Gwalior.

Sadly all this ended at Gwalior and I had to ride on a single lane under construction road, to reach Jhansi, with the last ~15km being a real pain in the rear.

Will be heading to Khajuraho tomorrow morning…


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