Back from Khajuraho

Last night I came home from my trip to Khajuraho. It was a 14 hour ride from Khajuraho to Delhi and thankfully, apart from some heavy and idiotic traffic on NH-2 (Agra – Delhi), rest of the ride was smooth and trouble free.

I fell in love with Khajuraho and also with Madhya Pradesh and people of Madhya Pradesh, during the course of this trip and overall it was a wonderful and thoroughly enriching experience.

I will soon start working on the travelogue, so far have downloaded and sorted photographs from the Khajuraho trip and the count so far stands at 1450+ photographs (after deleting blurred photographs).

Hopefully the first part of the travelogue would be up by either tonight or tomorrow morning and rest will follow soon after.

I will also be sharing a few reviews and technical details, especially about my recent experience with travel blogging and of course replying to all those emails which I received during the course of my trip and wasn’t able to reply to earlier.


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