Google China might shut down soon!

Google which had launched a heavily censored version of its search engine in China in 2006 has finally decided to make it censorship free, which could lead to shutting down of and its offices in China.

The move comes after Google reported multiple cyber-attacks from China, in particular at the Gmail accounts of Chinese Human Rights Activists, which succeeded in gaining access to at least two such accounts and managed to retrieve account information and email headers.

While Google isn’t explicitly blaming Chinese Government for the attacks in its official blog post, revelation of the hack attempts and Google’s policy change towards China is enough of a signal for any person to comprehend, where Google believes those attacks are coming from.

This move also underlines the hardening of Chinese policies, not only towards its democratic neighbors like India, but also towards its own citizens, who it attempts to spoon feed its own propaganda and doesn’t want to know anything else.

I guess it is about time the world understands, what a menace Chinese Government really is, not only for other democratic countries, but also for its own citizens!


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