500th Blogpost

This is the 500th Blogpost on this blog, till a few moments ago, I was contemplating on whether to make this a special 500th blog post or simply wait till I want to make another blog post and mention it in the end.

Since you are reading this, you already know, which way that decision went :D.

Next month, YogeshSarkar.com will be completing 4 years of existence and to think that I only made 500 odd posts in all these years is kind of surprising, especially considering how much I like to talk err… write online (almost 21,000 posts on BCMT).

Hopefully this will change for good, as I have plenty to share in the coming days, especially few of the reviews; I have been sitting on for quite some time now.

Add to that, there is something special coming for motorcycle tourers in India and hopefully I will be one of the first few, sharing it with you guys in the coming days.

So lots of action lined up in the next few days and hopefully my writing will keep on improving as well and will keep you all entertained and hooked up for quite some time to come.

Till the next post, adios amigo.


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