Added more travelogues

I have finally added more travelogues on to the home page and travelogue section of this site.

Lately I have been posting my travelogues exclusively on BCMTouring (easier to write them there) and haven’t been able to copy them here due to A. concerns over duplicate content, B. out of sheer laziness.

So today I decided to link to my travelogues posted on BCMTouring and now that I have done that, travelogue count has gone up to 24, from the earlier 11. And while these aren’t all the trips/rides I have done in my life, they are most of the ones I have posted online.

Which brings me to the second intent behind this blog post. After linking to all the travelogues in the travelogue section, I have come to discover that they make the page a bit too long and a person would have to scroll a lot, in order to get to the link to the travelogues and I am running out of ideas on how to fix that (came up with an innovative one while writing this post, will share later).

In case you know a way out, which will make navigation simpler, please do let me know.


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