YogeshSarkar.com is now 4 year old

Today is the birthday of YogeshSarkar.com, four years ago I started this website with an aim of sharing my travelogues and my usual blabbering with the online world. And with almost three quarter of a million people having visited this site since its inception; I think I am on the right track.

This website is not only special for me because it is my personal website, but also because this was the first domain name I ever purchased, first time I paid for hosting and for the first time created a website.

Looking back, I think I could have done things a little differently and better, but hey, I now make my living running websites and I think that is pretty cool, especially since it gives me plenty of time to loiter around and not bother with routines and oh so awful commute to office and to top it all, I get to work on things closer to my heart (all my sites are about travel and automobiles).

Enough with the blabbering, time to celebrate:


Disclaimer: no I am not eating a cake at 3:45am and sadly today is Tuesday and I have a fast today, so no cakes this time around :(, but I will have some sweet dish by the end of the day :D.


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