From Paris with Love, review

Watched From Paris with Love, it is the best action movie I have seen in a long-long time and one of the best action movies of all times (at least for me). What hits you is not only the beautifully picturised action scenes, but also the intensity of it, in particular the final car chase when that lovely Audi climbs the embankment to reach the over bridge (can someone please tell me its model number)!

Plot of course is ever evolving and it is kind of hard to pin anything down, though you kind of start feeling it, but aren’t able to pinpoint it due to the intensity factor. Then there is the acting of John Travolta, who at least according to me, plays his best role yet and carries quite a bit of story with his cocky sense of humor.

It has its share of stupid moments, but they can be easily overlooked for the sheer brilliance with which this movie is executed.

Overall a fantastic movie and a must watch, here is a trailer to give you a slight taste of what you can expect to see on screen.

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