Preparations on for trip to Udaipur

Preparations are on for my upcoming trip to Udaipur in Rajasthan, where over the weekend we will be organizing BCMTouring’s first ever multi state meet, North meets West.

While the bike was mostly in good shape after the last ride (trips in plain aren’t nearly as strenuous as ride to hill), she did needed a wash and oil change desperately. So got them done today, and this time around used Valvoline 4T Premium Synthetic Blend motorcycle engine oil with 20w50, API SM and JASO MA2 spec.

This is the first time I am using Valvoline 4T Premium, though report from my friends has been mostly positive, so looking forward to see its performance during the ride.

valvoline 4t premium motorcycle engine oil

Apart from this I just needed to do a bit of shopping and I am all set for Udaipur, though I haven’t yet read much about it, but then again I will have Bhuwan for company before the meet and he knows the place well enough so I guess I can get away with it.


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