Back from Udaipur

Last night I came back from Udaipur, after a nice but slightly hectic first multi-state meet of BCMTouring.

While I didn’t get a chance to explore Udaipur properly and could only go to a few places, meeting 43 fellow travelers from 7 different states of India was altogether a different experience.

To tell you the truth, I was taken aback by the kind of turnout that we received in Udaipur. We had initially expected 26-28 people to turn up for the meet and that number was easily shattered.

Overall it was a good experience, though I got to sleep very less during the four days I spent in Udaipur, 17 and a half hours in 4 days to be precise (7 hours on Thursday night, 2 hours on Friday night, 4 hours on Saturday night and 4 and a half hours on Sunday night). Add to this, I hadn’t gotten any sleep the day before I was to leave for Udaipur, but thankfully I didn’t fall asleep while riding, even though the road was mostly like this i.e. boring and I was feeling extremely sleepy during the 13 hour ride back to Delhi.

national highway 8

On another plus, my bike finally clocked 70k kms on the clock, while going to Udaipur and to top that, she did the Delhi – Udaipur run (712kms) without hitting the reserve even once i.e. I got 44.6kmpl – 47.4kmpl mileage from her while cruising mostly at speed between 70-80kmph with lots of wind drag.

70k km on odo

I will post the travelogue and photos in some time to come, in the meanwhile you can check out this thread on BCMTouring, where rest of the BCMTians are already sharing their photographs, North meets west, photographs and videos.


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