Lake in Ladakh, where 3 idiots was shot

It seems after the success of 3 idiots; quite a few people are interested in visiting the lake in Ladakh, where the climax of 3 idiots was shot and hence I have been receiving a few queries regarding it.

Well the lake in question is none other than the famous Pangong Tso, a salt water lake situated at an altitude of around 14,270ft and at a distance of 170kms from Leh, on the other side of Chang La. Pangong Tso is also special due to the fact that while one third of this 134km lake lies in India and rest of it lies in the Chinese occupied Ladakh.

In fact a fellow BCMTian had even caught up with Kareena Kapoor, Amir Khan, Madhvan etc. at Chang La in June 2008, when they were heading to Pangong Tso to shoot the final scenes of 3 Idiots (click here for their photographs).

lake in 3 idiots movie, pangong tso

Apart from 3 Idiots, Pangong Tso has been featured in quite a few movies and songs, because it is one of the most beautiful lakes in India and is a photographer’s delight, as it changes hues every few hours! In fact if you are not on a schedule and love photography, it is best to spend a whole day at Pangong Tso, rather than visit it just for an hour or two, which most travelers do.

Accommodation next to Pangong Tso is available at Lukung (Eco Huts) and at Spangmik (hotel and several home run guesthouses). One can also stay at the beautiful but small town of Tangste, which has slightly more amenities, but is 32km away from the lake.


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