Web based OS starting to make sense

Not even a few months ago, I thought Google’s idea of an OS like Chrome, which is mainly dependent on web based applications, is a bad idea and at least isn’t going to be something I would be interested in.

However like the saying goes, only thing constant in this world is change; my view towards Google Chrome is also changing.

Today, apart from composing blogposts like these (which I can easily do online) and a little bit of photo editing and website designing and of course listening to music and watching movies, I am doing rest of the things online, with plans to switch entirely from desktop based email client to web based ones (already using Google Calendar and Reader).

Using online apps gives me the flexibility and convenience of being able to access my data from anywhere in the world with just about any internet enabled device like mobile phone, laptop etc. without worrying about synchronization and cross platform compatibility.

Of course this also means that I am more and more dependent on the internet and cannot afford any downtime, however with internet access getting cheaper and easier to acquire, this might just become least of my worries with the benefits outweighing the negatives so much, that they cease to exist from the decision making process.

Of course till that happens, I would still like to have local copies of everything I work on, to ensure that not only is there a backup of important things, I am able to get at least some work done, even if my internet connection is down.


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